»Donald Duck and the Boys«
Barks' employer, Western Publishing, did not only produce comic books, but also children's books which were distributed under the Whitman label. In late 1947, about one year after WDC 74/1 had been published, Barks was asked to do a picture-book version of his comic. The accompanying text was not written by him; however, it mostly keeps to the plot of the comic and also uses a major part of its dialog. The most noticeable changes are the toning-down of the action elements and the addition of a somewhat moralizing frame story. The result was published in 1948 as Whitman Book 845.
WDC 74/1
The Wild Woman as she really looks (WDC 74/1)
The illustrations presented here were scanned from the Carl Barks Library. In the original publication the images were not purely black and white, but they were additionally accentuated by red spots. Also, you have to take a case of censorship into account - originally, the Wild Woman on pages 23 and 24 had as sharpened teeth as in the underlying comic.
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