»Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol«
In the late 1950's Barks made 2 excursions into the realm of illustrating children's books. The first story, created in 1958, was a kind of adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel »A Christmas Carol in Prose« (1843); it was published in November 1960 under the title »Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol« in Little Golden Book D 84. Originally, it was supposed to receive the title »Uncle Scrooge and the Christmas Carol«, for which Barks obviously worked on a cover; in the end, however, the editors prefered to give Donald the starring role and ordered the cover from a different artist.
layout sketch
Layout sketch for LGB D 84/1
Barks, who worked from texts written by Annie North Bedford, merely made detailed pencil sketches for this story which were rendered into watercolors by Norman McGary. Unfortunately, only one of Barks' layout sketches has survived.
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