Covers based on paintings
In March 1973 Barks submitted the last piece of work made especially for Western Publishing: the script for HDL 25/1 (»Captains Outrageous«). However, he continued to sell 3 more cover ideas to Western which actually were preliminary sketches for his oil paintings. In 1985 he created a cover based on one of his paintings for the Carl Barks Library.
»Meanest Colt in the West«
An early feeling-around sketch for an oil painting which finally became »Webfoot Tenderfoot«.
»Webfoot Tenderfoot«
Cover of WDC 405
(June 1974)
Artist unknown.
»Oh, Oh!«
Cover of US 135
(December 1976)
Artist unknown.
»Buyer Beware«
Cover of Daisy and Donald 25
(August 1977)
Artist: Kay Wright.
Cover of CBL set IV
(November 1985)

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