The painter
After his retirement in 1966, Barks could at last spend his full time on painting - and he did not cease to do so for the next 30 years.
Motifs used more than once
Barks used some motifs more than once in only slightly changed form for his Duck oil paintings. Often these were based on particularly popular comic-book covers.
The Sailboat paintings   2002-11-19
The Money Lake paintings   2003-01-08
The Bullet Valley paintings   2002-11-19
The Golden Helmet paintings   2002-11-19
The Old Castle paintings   2002-11-19
The Secret Safe paintings   2003-01-08
The Voodoo Hoodoo paintings   2002-11-19
The Halloween paintings   2002-11-19
The portrait paintings   2003-02-02
The Money Castle paintings   2002-11-19
Paintings based on covers   2003-02-04
Covers based on paintings   2003-01-08
Paintings in progress
Barks often made several layout studies for his paintings in which he gradually restaged and improved a scene.
»The Lucky Dime«   2009-04-18
Famous Figures of History as They Might Have Looked Had Their Genes Gotten Mixed with Waterfowl
Between 1978 and 1980, Barks focused on caricaturing famous figures of history, mythology, and popular culture. All in all he created more than 50 small-scale watercolors and about half a dozen oil paintings.
The Klondike waterfowls   2002-11-13
The western waterfowls   2002-11-15
The Robin Hood waterfowls   2002-11-13
The pirate waterfowls   2002-11-13
The biblical waterfowls   2002-11-13

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