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Unpublished Uncle Scrooge 19
UNP US 19/1 Uncle Scrooge show I.N.D.U.C.K.S. entry
CBL III/3/706 · C: 1957-02-28 · P: 1984-12 · 1 p.
Donald Duck; Scrooge McDuck
Donald hat ein Problem: Er kann Sonderangeboten nicht widerstehen. Dagobert weiß Abhilfe: Scheuklappen.
CBL title: »Blinders«.
This gag was intended for US 19, but it was replaced with an advertisement and never published by Western.
First publication worldwide in December 1958 in Italian Albo della Rosa 201. First publication with the original text in 1961 in Australian Walt Disney Giant Comics G219. First U.S. publication in set III of the CBL (taken from the reprint in Australian Walt Disney Giant Comics G415 from 1967).

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