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This commented index contains all comic works by Carl Barks. Also included are covers, children's books, non-Disney comics, and unpublished cover sketches as well as those stories for which Barks wrote only the script.
Not included, however, are those works which were not made for the comic books (cartoons, animation work, isolated sketches, paintings, designs for porcelain figurines, and so on). Information on animated cartoons and paintings can be found in separate chapters, though.
This index lists all comic works sorted by the location of their first publication. Each entry has the following structure:
First paragraph:
Second paragraph:
Third paragraph:
Whenever Barks was not responsible for both art and script, this paragraph indicates the amount of his contribution.
Fourth paragraph:
Persons of the story. Gathered here is the standard comic personnel as well as those persons who have a role in at least 2 Barks stories.
Fifth paragraph:
Names mentioned in the story. Included are also historical, mythological, and literary persons as well as the names of animals. Geographical and other names, e.g. product names, are only included if they can be traced back to a person; astronomical names derived from a person are not gathered, however.
Sixth paragraph:
A summary of the story contents. This part is only available in German, however.
Other paragraphs:
After the summary follows any information that does not fit into the above scheme. E.g.:

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