Thanks to everybody who supported me with information and material. Besides Stefan Schmidt, I would above all like to thank Detlef Giesler, Klaus Spillmann, Theodora Tuschel, Werner Wasserhuhn Dwenger, Daniël van Eijmeren, Eta Beta, and - last but not least - Ernst Horst.
I.N.D.U.C.K.S. links used courtesy of Harry Fluks and François Willot. A major part of the illustrations was kindly provided by Klaus Spillmann, Covers Extravaganza, Daniël van Eijmeren, Kjell Croné, Dreidreizehn, and
I am especially grateful to Sebastian Meyer who gave this project its first place on the web.
And a special thanks goes to Johnny Grote for his eloquent deconstructivism which was a never-fading beam in my darker hours.

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