The first BarksBase version was released in 1994; I evaluated the complete comic work by Carl Barks for this. However, this project would not have been possible without the preliminary work of numerous other authors; apart from primary literature, it was based mainly on the following sources (HD = Hamburger Donaldist, DD = Der Donaldist):
M. Barrier, »Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book«, New York 1981
F. Beers, H. Schwede, M. Das, U. de Planque, »Deutscher Carl Barks Index«, Sonderheft 24 des DD, Hamburg 1992
D. Giesler, »Carl Barks Index 94« (diskette version), Ahrensburg 1993
U. Merkl, »Barks Scripts«, Sonderheft 21 des DD, Hamburg 1987
S. Schmidt, »Hommage an Floyd Gottfredson«, Sonderheft 27 des DD, Merzig 1993
K. Spillmann, »Der Carl Barks Index«, Sonderheft 15 des HD, Großhansdorf 1985
I. Stöhr, »Fuchs/Barks Namenslexikon«, Hüttenberg 1994
For later comparisons, corrections, and amendments, I browsed through numerous sources in different media; it may suffice here to name the most important works available in book form:
M. Eronen, »Carl Barks' Surviving Comic Book Art«, Helsinki 1994
J. A. Grote, »Carl Barks. Werkverzeichnis der Comics«, Stuttgart 1995
J. A. Grote, »Who's who in Entenhausen«, Stuttgart 1997
D. Smith, »Disney A to Z«, New York 1996
Here are several interesting internet addresses from which I could also draw some valuable information:
CARL BARKS INDEX by Klaus Spillmann, the classical German Barks index in its internet version (in German)
I.N.D.U.C.K.S.    The international Disney comics database, maintained by Harry Fluks
A Guidebook to the Carl Barks Universe by Daniël van Eijmeren    by Peter Kylling    Barks and Rosa database by Nicolas Roudier
Grimble Gromble's Carl Barks page with some rare Barks drawings
Disney Comics Webpage by Jakob Söderbaum, focusing on the Duck oil paintings
Covers Extravaganza    Disney covers from countries all over the world
Duckfilm    A guide to Disney's animated cartoons by Richard F. Jebe (in German)
Disney's HooZoo by Rich Bellacera, a nearly complete index of Disney characters (momentarily out of order, however)
And some informative commercial sites:
The Bruce Hamilton Company
Edition Dreidreizehn
J. L. Comic Art
Carl Barks Shop Axel Werner

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