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Beyond Nowhere. Based on an idea by Carl Barks, in 1996 John Lustig wrote the 28-page comic »Somewhere in Nowhere« which was drawn by Pat Block. Now Lustig has written a new 12-page version of this story which keeps closer to Barks' original outline.
This new version has the title »Somewhere beyond Nowhere« and was drawn by Daan Jippes. The first publication in Europe can be expected in 2010. 2009-11-29
Disney comics go BOOM! After Gemstone's retreat BOOM! Studios has taken over the Disney license for North America now. BOOM!'s monthly titles include Walt Disney's Comics, Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck and Friends and Mickey Mouse and Friends.
The magazines are mostly focused on modern Italian material, like Ultraheroes or Wizards of Mickey. However, book publications containing classic stories have been announced, too. 2009-11-29
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What's new
2010-03-07: Added another painting: »Goleta Hillside #3«. Special thanks to JR Burgin for providing me with information and photos.
2007-05-10: Information on the Jippes versions of Barks' Junior Woodchucks scripts has been brought up to date. Many thanks to Peter Kowalewski for providing the data!
2006-10-15: We have a new subsite: wvh.barksbase.de. This site, which is dedicated to Duck artist William Van Horn, was created in collaboration with Peter Kowalewski.
2004-08-08: At last there is an image of Barks' final Duck painting »Scrooge Smokewriting Dollar Signs« available. Many thanks to Gerd Griese for providing the photo.
Thanks also to Florian Schmidlechner for his advice as to Disney's wartime cartoon production.
2004-02-14: Corrected the list of main characters in WDC 194/1. Acknowledgments are due to Frank Bubacz once again.
2003-10-05: Added a photo of a Donald Duck model sheet to the gallery which was kindly provided by Dennis Books.
2003-09-12: Corrected the list of main characters in US 66/1. Thanks to Frank Bubacz for notifying me.
2003-08-03: News on the shelved »Blinders« gag: the first Australian version with the original text was published as early as 1961 - and not, as stated in the CBL, in 1967. Thanks to Alecto for the information.
2003-02-02: Revised the paintings chapter and added numerous illustrations to it; at the same time some gaps in the gallery could be filled. Thanks to Bob Kuebler who contributed a beautiful self-portrait by Barks.
2003-01-05: New »Disney News« column added - yes, right here on the right! I am sure it will grow in size as soon as Gemstone starts production.
On the occasion of the first publication of a new comic based on a story idea by Carl Barks in the German weekly, there is a new gallery entry.
2002-12-30: For better orientation, descriptive titles were added to the cover entries in the tabular indexes.
2002-12-07: Erika Fuchs, legendary German translator of Disney comics, celebrates her 96th birthday today. Best wishes from BarksBase.de!
2002-12-01: An error in the Barks biography was corrected (Barks married his first wife in 1921, not in 1923), some details about his family life were added. Thanks to Peter Kylling who, as always, generously shared his findings with me.
The U.S. publications were reorganized; the »series« Weitere Arbeiten does not exist anymore, it was instead split into separate units. The Gyro cover with the head-scratching machine was finally identified as a poster supplement of WDC 355; credit for this discovery is due to Martin Olsen.
2002-10-13: Added some quotations and illustrations to the cover gallery. Many thanks to Erik Rastetter who encouraged this and provided scans.
2002-09-28: The gallery chapter »Donald Duck and the Boys« was reworked and extended. Thanks to Frank Bubacz whose sharp eye spotted an inconsistency and to Kjell Croné who verified it with the original publication and kindly provided a scan of the title.page.
2002-09-08: New in the gallery: inbetween drawings for »Thru the Mirror«; added more model sheets.
2002-08-25: New in the gallery: application portfolio, model sheets, odd jobs.
2002-08-18: New in the gallery: covers based on paintings.
2002-08-04: Added some images and the publication years of most lithographs to the paintings. Many thanks to Peter Mikkelsen who kindly provided information on the lithographs.
The chapter on the main characters was slightly reworked and is now illustrated.
2002-07-14: New in the gallery: school sketches and »Old MacDonald Duck«.
2002-06-30: New in the gallery: »Donald Duck and the Boys«.
2002-06-23: The navigation frame was redesigned. Hope you won't get lost now!
The I.N.D.U.C.K.S. links in the commented index now refer to the COA database which is updated more often.
2002-05-25: BarksBase now has a full-text site search. This is done via the well-tried Google search engine, so that the up-to-dateness of the results depends on Google's refresh cycles. In practice, however, this should be hardly noticeable.
Just in time for his 70th anniversary, Goofy's biography was corrected in some places. Thanks to David Gerstein for clarifying things.
2002-04-01: Added some information to the persons chapter.
2002-03-17: At last the cover descriptions in the commented index are available in English.
2002-03-03: Added some images to the non-Disney paintings and expanded the gallery.
2002-02-03: Fixed a bug in the search frames and slightly improved navigation in the tabular indexes.
2002-01-27: The file organization was partly changed to improve performance. This may sometimes lead to funny results when calling these pages from search engines.
2001-12-25: Minor design changes, again added some images to the paintings chapter.
2001-12-16: Expanded the paintings and gallery chapters.
2001-11-18: Added a new chapter, the gallery. For starters it contains arrangements of those oil paintings by Carl Barks which are based on the same motif (thanks to Kjell Croné for the suggestion). The chapter will be expanded irregularly; it may be worth having a look at it every now and then.
2001-11-03: Had to generate the HTML files once again - Netscape Navigator 4 did not like the new style sheet as it turned out.
2001-10-27: After script adjustments which will hopefully allow more flexible updating in the future the site was newly generated from scratch. Minor corrections made here and there, design slightly changed, once again some illustrations added to animated cartoons and paintings.
2001-07-28: Numerous illustrations added to the chapters on animated cartoons and paintings.
2001-07-07: Added some information on the oil paintings of the 1990's.
2001-07-01: The pages on persons and comic-book series now include direct links to the corresponding tabular indexes.
2001-06-21: Today's news is quite obvious ... Many thanks to Eta Beta who pulled the redesigned intro out of his magic pocket!
2001-06-02: The commented index now contains links to the I.N.D.U.C.K.S. database. This makes information on U.S. reprints and Barks publications in many European countries accessible.
All illustrations are available directly from the BarksBase servers now. »Error 404« should be a problem of the past.
2001-05-13: Reorganized the tabular index.
2001-05-01: Added information on the animated cartoons, mainly from an article by Alberto Becattini.
2001-03-10: BarksBase.de goes online.

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